How to get people to pay for your skills: A guide to win trust and build income

This video course is for anyone looking to earn extra income (aka side hustle) or passive income; anyone who wants to start a blog or YouTube channel or build a social media following; for students; salaried; entrepreneurs; small business owners; anyone who would like to build a business by showcasing their expertise, for example, financial advisors, insurance advisors, software consultants, writers, just about any service that requires an online presence. No refunds, please; the Fee is one-time. You can access videos forever!

Course Objective: A complete framework to build online visibility with your skills; Create a community of readers and viewers based on expertise and trust and generate an income that will gradually grow to become significant and last a lifetime.


Unit 1: What is this course about, and what to expect from it

Unit 2: Setting the right priorities

Unit 3: How to choose your topic and what to aim for

Unit 4: Finding content gaps in your topic

Unit 5: Pros and cons of different types of public medium

Unit 6: How to make money online? (finally!)

Unit 7: How to create your website: Basic set-up

Unit 8: How to create your website: (intermediate-level set-up)

Unit 9: Using Twitter and Facebook

Unit 10: Writing an SEO-optimised article + site branding with entity interlinking

Unit 11: Passive income Examples + benefits many do not recognise

Unit 12: Generating content ideas: understanding what people look for online

Unit 13: Website Design and User Experience (UX)

Unit 14: Email Marketing

Unit 15: Google My Business

Unit 16: Automating social media sharing to grow a following

Unit 17: Why you need to get on YouTube

Unit 18: Writing Content that gets traffic. Part 1: search traffic

Unit 19: Writing Content that gets traffic. Part 2: Getting "discovered" by Google.

Unit 20: How to be a consistent content producer?

Unit 21: When to monetize; How to launch products; How to get consistent revenue;

Unit 22: Advanced Website set up: Custom schema set up

Unit 23: Overview of tools I use and my learnings

Unit 24: Whom to follow; How to stay updated;

Unit 25: Custom topics suggested by members

Course FAQ

==>Is the fee one-time or recurring? It is a one-time.

==> Can I watch the videos any time I want? Yes. Access is forever. 

==> I am a professional entrepreneur or small business owner. Will this course help? Yes! It will help you quickly set up your website and online profiles and show you how to leverage them to build a brand, a community that trusts you and would buy from you or hire you.

==> I am salaried with some interests I want to develop. Will this course help? Yes! The course discusses how you can use online communities to understand problems and issues that you can address to increase visibility.

==> I want to earn extra income, but I am unsure about the area. Will this course help? The core idea of online money-making is to help others without expectations, and the money will come. Tom Cruise said, “everyone has a story. Similarly “, everyone has something to offer”. Some ways in which they can help others. It should not take long for you to list that. Even if you are not an expert in that area, you can learn while you create content. This is what I did and am doing with freefincal. Once you think of at least one way to help someone else, the course will help you get ideas and create content.

==> Will this help me set up a website?*Yes. A start-to-finish guide is included along with “how to write SEO-optimised content”

==> **When can I start seeing results?** This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Results will depend on your circumstances and the topic. For example, a financial advisor may see faster results than a salaried person working on this as a side project. Simply because for the financial advisor, online visibility is bread and butter. Similarly, a person writing about politics may get more revenue than a person writing poems because of community size interest in each area. Increasing visibility in the area we are good at is more productive than chasing after a “hot topic” we know nothing about.