Ultimate Travel Training Kit

The travel training kit (e-book) will include

A deep dive analysis into vacation planning, finding cheap flights, budget accommodation, what to do when travelling, and how travelling slowly is better financially and psychologically with links to the web pages and hand-holding at every step. Your one-time decision to read it will impact how you travel for decades. My friends ask me: how do you travel so much and now, I've put all the secret recipes in here.

**What’s the difference between the travel toolkit and the travel advice in the book? Why didn’t you put everything in the book?**

The travel toolkit contains extended advice that is not found in the book due to editorial constraints. The book will have a very quick primer on the kind of fares that exist, how to find them and a methodology I follow to hunt cheap accommodations. However, the travel toolkit begins with a deep dive about the industry, how to personalize travel to your situation - ex. No time to plan but would like to budget travel with family. Every kind of fare has background info on why they occur and how best to find them. Knowing the background info (the insider knowledge) will help you plan (wait or book right away) and utilize vacation funds appropriately. Then come the options for accommodation with links to each and then it contains the best practices while travelling (ex. How to fund the vacation - setup automatic RD’s, how to move and the like). In my opinion, the 80 you spend on the e-book will pay many times over right away, when you book the flight tickets for at least 30% lower than average fares.


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